Cost-cutting tips

You asked for them again, so here they are---more cost cutting event hints and tips to make your wedding budget stretch it farthest!

Ø If you have your heart set on a wedding during a peak season, try having your reception on a Friday or Sunday. The costs for those days may be lower than on a Saturday.

Ø To avoid paying for a ceremony and a reception site, try combining the two into one place that can accommodate both functions.

Ø Keep decorating costs at a minimum by choosing a site that already has “built-in” decorations, like a Botanical Center, an Art museum, etc.

Ø Cut down on your guest list! Do you really want to meet guests for the first time at your own wedding?

Ø Some venues that come sans chairs, tables, china, linens, etc. may be more expensive in the long run than a venue that includes all of the above in your total reception “package pricing.”

Ø A significant portion of your budget goes toward food and drink. Choose wisely. Try having an hors d`oeurves reception instead of a full sit down meal.

Ø Choose shrimp or lobster or other “pricy” foods as an appetizer instead of the main entree.

Ø Limit hard liquor to the cocktail hour and only host beer and wine during the rest of the reception.

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