Hit or miss

Sometimes, not every person will hit it off with another. For instance, I know that not every bride will embrace my personality or point of view. If she did, I would be way too busy with no time to do anything else but running from wedding to wedding. Instead, I should match a bride to my personality and vice versa.
That is the way it should be. If you are uncomfortable with a vendor, they don't understand your vision, or you are having a hard time communicating with them, then they obviously are not the vendor for you.

I had the unfortunate opportunity to run into a bride that I didn't click with. No matter how nice I was or how much I smiled, or tried to understand their wedding day vision, they thought that I just didn't seem to "get" it. At first I was a bit upset and really tried to analyze myself to death trying to figure out where I went wrong. Did I ask too many questions? Did I not inspire confidence? Did I wear the wrong clothes to our meetings, and so on and so on. Then I had to stop the madness and accept the fact that I was not the planner for them. There is nothing wrong with that and no one did anything "wrong," I just didn't mesh into their style and their confidence in my ability was not at a comfort level for them.

I am rather glad that they decided to go a different path, because I would not have pleased them no matter what I did. That is as it should be---a wedding couple needs to feel confident and comfortable with their vendors; knowing that the job that they hired them to do will get done in the manner that it should be done in a time limit that is reasonable. The wedding day is filled with anxiety enough; you shouldn't be worried about your vendors too.

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