Stealing is never a good idea

Weddings in Iowa hosted a great Bridal show this past Sunday at the new Jordan Creek Holiday Inn & Suites (love them!). The show was a great success!
As you can probably tell by now, I am pretty passionate about weddings and events and doing things the right way, the first time-every time. I love hosting bridal shows as it brings together vendors and brides together. More knowledge is always good and informed brides make smart decisions, but one of things that I have issue with at shows are camera phones and thievery. It happens at every bridal show and I don't know how to stop it other than carrying a big stick and hiring armed guards (kidding!).

Every time a bride takes a picture of someone's designs or tablescaping, it is theft. While we are flattered that you think enough of our designs to take a picture, please don't, because those are our designs. We have put a lot of time, money and effort into creating those exhibits and for guests to take pictures and then take them to someone else to duplicate, is a crime. Kind of like you coming up with a great idea and then someone else steals it, presents it to the boss, and they get the raise and the accolades; you still pound away in your little cubicle. Not fair is it? It hurts doesn't it? We have the same feelings too.

And by the way, please don't steal things from our tables unless offered. I have a paper stylist who works long hours, has a family to support, and is incredibly talented, but when you take her menus or place cards from the table, she not only has to recreate another one for the next display, but your copyright theft has taken earnings away from her livelihood. I am sure that you wouldn't like that as well, so why think that "she won't mind if I take one little card!" We do mind--a lot!

Please come to the shows, talk to vendors, glean all of the handouts, knowledge and information that you can to make your wedding day as special as possible, but please be respectful. We work hard for you; we would like to be rewarded for our efforts.

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