The wedding planner and the realtor

I don't just plan weddings. I also plan corporate events, birthday parties, family functions and others. I am also an ordinary citizen with an ordinary life that has to go about living, just like every one else. However, being an event planner who is supposed to be organized and on top of things, was no match for a very sour experience with a realty company recently.

I am buying a house. Trust me when I say that I would rather plan a hundred weddings all at the same time than buy a house! I thought that it would be an easy process, especially since I found the house of my dreams, but as I often tell my clients, vendors can really make or break your event day experience. A good vendor will help make your experience as perfect as possible; you will remember the day with fondness and when you speak about the experience, you will always speak of certain vendors with respect and kindness. After all, word of mouth is still the best and quickest form of advertising. But get one bad vendor and the whole event can come crashing down. Luckily, there are back up plans, plans A - Z and emergency fixes that can help save the day.

You guessed it, I had a not so great experience with a realtor. That is putting it mildly. Even though you try to have as much control as possible over a situation, some things are just beyond your reach and this experience taught that as much as any life lesson I have had recently. Luckily, I had a guardian angel looking out for me and to make a long story short, I did get to buy my house.

Lessons for us all? Hire the very best professionals that you can. They really do make a difference in the overall experience of the day.
Ask for referrals. If I would have done my homework like I should have, I would have found out that I had gotten a lemon.
If your relationship with a vendor is less than desirable, find another who really does care about your event immediately. There are many out there that want your business; who care about their reputation and want to make a difference in other's lives. It is a shame to stay with one who doesn't care and only looks at your event with dollar signs in their eyes.

I should learn to take my own advice!

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