More Helpers

There is one more set of helpers that are critical to a successful wedding event, the Host and Hostess. 

The job of a Host and Hostess is one of great importance. They are the greeters to your ceremony space, thus the first people that your guests will see and talk to. Make sure to ask people, who will be filling this role, who are pleasant speaking, well mannered and understand that they will be meeting with many different personalities. A Host may be asked to pass out programs or watch for wayward children. They will be asked for directions to restrooms, ceremony door and space requirements, guest book sign-in, how to get to the reception, and many other directions. They need to know where wheelchairs or walkers are located and where the handicap facilities are. They need to wear a watch as they will be the time keepers to make sure that the ceremony starts on time; they will ask the guest book attendants to close up the book 5 minutes before the ceremony starts and make sure that the ushers are seating guests in a timely manner. In a pinch, a Host may be asked to usher, hand out programs or help hold the bride’s bouquet as she adjusts her train right before she walks up the aisle. They will make sure to keep the noise level down as well as tell parents with small children about the child care facilities that you are providing,

You should have two sets of Host and Hostess if your guest count is over 175. One set will stay behind after the ceremony to make sure guests have reception directions while the second set will leave the wedding ceremony immediately after it is over to make sure that they are greeting your guests that arrive to the reception venue.

At your reception, your Host and Hostess will be instrumental for reminding guests to find their table assignment, knowing what tables are reserved, releasing guest tables for buffets, giving bar directions, letting the cater know when they are running out of plates or a particular dish, or letting guests know where to find restroom facilities. They can also let the DJ know when to adjust the noise level in the room. Of course, your Host can also pitch in as a bouncer if needed!

Because the job of a Host and Hostess require that people get along well together, it may be best to ask one or two sets of husbands and wives.

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