Spring showers = Careful planning

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you know that they take a lot of work.   Outdoor weddings are beautiful and worth every effort that goes into them, but they require more percision AND more expense since everything has to be brought in.  Choosing well-seasoned vendors who understand the way outdoor weddings work is a must as we all know that our event is as successful as our service providers.  You can organize, segment and delegate all the way to the day of, but then the inevitable will happen. Just know that with any outdoor wedding, the weather is the ruler.

One way to guard against any problems with an outdoor affair is to plan for the unexpected and that means that you must always have a back-up plan.  Reserving a venue for the just-in-case, is a smart move.  At the very least, make sure that your tent has sides that can be buttoned up tight against the elements. 

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