Sunday's Bridal Show

Yes, you guessed it, the lack of daily postings mean that I am desperately trying to get caught up!  Our Preferred Bridal Show in Tiffin, IA at Bella Sala from Noon - 3 pm is this Sunday as well, so we are busy getting ready for that.  It promises to be a great show.

"Preferred Bridal Shows are a unique show experience to the bridal show world. We are a "Boutique-Style" show that thrives on showcasing Premier Vendors in a relaxed atmosphere where education, information and an exciting afternoon go hand in hand. From the very first hello, to the glass of wine that we hand you as you enter the Vendor Display Room, to the last round of applause, we want you to feel pampered, special and know that you are in good hands for the time that you are with us.
For some, planning your wedding day can be a stressful time. Our shows replace your anxieties with professional, knowledgeable Vendors that have been hand-selected to help you plan the ultimate experience. We offer a wide variety by bringing in the different and cannot find elsewhere Service Providers. You will find a great Premier selection that you can choose from with confidence. We encourage a one-on-one relationship, get-to-know your Vendor atmosphere. Brides who make educated and well-informed decisions concerning their Service Providers are 63% more likely to have a more organized, well planned event. Your happiness with your Wedding Day is our Vendor's ultimate joy because we know that when you are happy, you will pass that joyous referral onto another couple and so on. It is a win-win situation for all and one that we strive for your Wedding.
Come join us for a great afternoon. We would be honored to help you plan the perfect celebration!

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