The Week in Review

Bridesmaid Dresses
If you are in need of some
great inspiration for your
bridesmaid dresses - and
not the poofy sleeve kind,
then here are some new
designs that may leave your
maids estactic to buy a new dress.

Indoor Weddings
 Indoor spaces are wonderful
chances to be creative and
build something extreemly
romantic that you may not
find anywhere else.

Real Weddings | Kevin and Heather
Stan Richards from SR Photography shot
a wedding at Pondside Farm and Vineyard
near Adel this summer. The bride's father
delivered her to the Cermeony site
in a vintage Jaguar. 

Mason City Bridal Show
Need a Cake fix? 
Come to the Preferred Bridal Show
at the Clarion in Mason City on
November 13 between Noon and 3 pm
to visit Say it So Sweetly.

Real Weddings | Caitie and Chris
One wedding this summer that we
were honored to be a part of could
never be classified as boring or
run of the mill. When I met with
Caitie and Chris and learned of
their love for the childhood classic:
Alice in Wonderland .....  

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