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We are completely excited to share today's wedding with you since it happens to be my son and his adorable new wife!  As you know, their wedding was in Arizona this past December.  I was so excited because not only was my son getting married, but I was gaining a beautiful and gracious daughter!

For weeks, the emails flew back and forth figuring out what to do; what colors did they want, what are their favorite flowers,  where to go for the Ceremony and the Reception, etc.  I might plan weddings for a living in Iowa and surrounding states, but in Arizona?  I had never even been to the state let alone know anyone there except my son and he hadn't been there long enough to plan any events.  Luckily for me, there is a time difference, so when I was calling at night here, they were still doing business there.  It all came together; we found the perfect venue that worked miracles for us, the flowers came from a wholesaler in Phoenix, the delicious cake from a local bakery, and anything else that we needed was found with a push of the button - what would I do without the Internet?

So off we went right after our last Holiday Bridal Show, with our truck packed to the ceiling.  Since the wedding was our gift to my son and his soon-to-be-bride, I had to plan and pack very carefully.  I had to plan out eveything; knowing that I would need florist tape, vases, stands, linens, decor and everything in between that puts it all together.  Then there was the "I don't want to bring it all home," so knowing that all the decor was going to be left with the newlyweds for their new home together, meant that I had to plan very carefully and think of every contingent.  Did I forget something?  Oh yeah - that's why Walmart was invented - right?

Let me tell you here and now, hotel rooms are not the best places in the world to do big rose bouquets, vases and what not, but where there is a will, there is a way.  My poor guy had to walk around buckets and buckets of flowers for three days.  Ever try washing and drying loads and loads of event linens at a laundromat on a Sunday?  Oh....bad, bad!!!  Don't let me fool you though,  we had a great experience and would do it all over again; it was worth every minute!

Congratulations Barri and Christina!  We are so proud of the two of you!

Watch for more of this wedding in future blog posts. 
Their pictures were too good to do just one Blog!

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