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One of our jobs as an event planner is to help you with your timeline and think about the flow of your day, and a "first look" with your photographer is sometimes helpful to make everything effortless.  If you are unfamiliar, it's the moment you and your soon-to-be-husband/wife see each other for the first time before officially walking down the aisle.  It takes a little bit of the pressure off, instead of having that moment in front of all your guests.  One of our Preferred Vendors, Carrie Geno from Geno Photography, wrote to us about this very topic this summer here.  While we know that traditionally, brides and grooms have avoided this, these adorable first look series may sway your opinion.

Joanne can't wait to see Blake around that corner!  More from their wedding here.  

Theodore looks a little nervous waiting for his soon-to-wife, Maren!  More from their wedding here.

Toad Valley Golf Course provided a gorgeous backdrop for Carrie & Jon's first look!  More from their wedding here

Remember the anniversary post from this wedding?
Photos by Sb Photography

We love the bride's excitement in these photos from Ruffled ...   

... And this bride's pure joy in these photos from Green Wedding Shoes!

So, would you consider a 'first look' on your big day?  We would love to hear your feedback!

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