Inspiration Shoot | Dreamstate Photography

This past weekend we had such a wonderful time at the Preferred Vintage Bridal Show at West End Architectural Salvage!  Some of the best vendors in the state, live music, prizes, and of course, gorgeous couples and their family and friends.  And, not only was the show a smashing success, but we also had a fun photo shoot after the show.  West End is such a unique space {did you know they rent their space for events?!} we couldn't help but wander the multiple floors of great pieces ourselves, so we figured photographers and other great vendors in the area might agree with us!

Here's the first set of images we received from the inspirational shoot, and we may be biased, since we love David and Bethany from Dreamstate Photography so much, but we're in love with these photos!  Actually, we have to admit, in our line of work, we really are so fortunate to work with some really fabulous vendors.

Location | West End Architectural Salvage
Photography | Dreamstate Photography
Makeup | It's All About Me | Rachel Townsend
Hair | Atelier/hairspace | Lora Scirgnoli
Dresses & Jewelry | Pure Bridal
Florals | cynwhd b. designs
Design | Special Events & Vintage Love, Rentals & annessi


David and Bethany Byrd said...

Thanks so much for putting this together, Cynthia. It was such a pleasure collaborating with so many talented people!

Stan Richard, CPP said...

David and Bethany, great photos!

Stan Richard
SR Photography