Wedding Inspirations | Our Favorite Parent Gifts

Traditionally, brides and grooms purchase gifts for not only their wedding party, but their parents. We think showing your parents some love on your wedding day is a wonderful idea - after all they did raise you! Here is a look at some of our favorite, budget friendly sentiments you could gift your parents on your wedding day.

We love the idea of giving your parents a wedding album after the big day. Your parents will love looking through all of the shots your photographer took and it is a wonderful way to remember all of the little details! And trust us - they will love bringing the book to Christmas and family functions to show you and your groom off!

We think giving each parent a personalized handkerchief is a wonderful way to say thank you and will also come in handy for all of their tears of joy! These little cuties also make great sentiments and can be used again and again or they would be precious framed afterwards!

For something a little more personalized for each parent, we love framing a wedding photo with a sentimental quote, note or message. Gifting something that can be displayed in the home is a wonderful sentiment of such a special day and also makes for a wonderful conversation piece!

We must say, our favorite gift for parents may just be a simple, yet thoughtful note. We can assure you taking the time to thank your parents for raising you, supporting you, or helping with the wedding will mean more to them than anything else. 


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