Wedding Inspirations | Popcorn Bars

If you are looking for a fun, alternative approach to wedding food or favors, then a popcorn bar might be the way to go! These pretty, little popcorn bars also double up as a favor and snack food after a long night of dancing. Popcorn bars gives your guests the opportunity to have a sweet or salty snack - or both! You could also provide a paper baggie or sack for guests to scoop some popcorn into as a tasty wedding favor.

Food Love will be setting up a fabulous popcorn bar at this Saturday's Preferred Bridal Show in Carroll at Santa Maria Winery. Make sure you check it out from 12-3, we just know it is going to be delicious! We now leave you with some wonderful popcorn bar inspiration for you to enjoy until Saturday (when you can enjoy the real thing!)


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