2014 Wedding Trends, part 4

Jan 3 | More Color Trends | by Cynthia

Choosing a color palette for your wedding is important.  Color conveys emotion, can soothe a riotess spirit, create excitement with bold hues or even tell a story from a long-ago memory and depending on which wedding blog you follow, everyone has their own take on the 2014 color trends, so you have lots of choices!

We love that bright colors are making their presence known in 2014.  Their cheery shades can't help but make for fun events.

If bright colors aren't in your wedding plans, muted tones always 
make for soft and romantic choices.   

 What if you just love color and want an array of hues and shades? Perfect! 2014 is the year of color, so mix and match to your heart's content.

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