Choosing the Right Photographer - "Products" Part 4

Apr 24 | Guest Blogger - Geno Photography | by Carrie Geno

We are continuing our Photography Guest Blogger series with the 4th part in a 5 part series, "Products."  Choosing the right Photographer for your event is so very important, so who better to tell us the ins and outs than a veteran, professional photographer - Geno Photography!

"Will you want to display your engagement portraits at your wedding?  Perhaps you would love for your guests to sign their names and write their warm wishes in a custom guest book?  How will you display your amazing images after your wedding day?  Do you want to create a stunning gallery on your walls so you will always be reminded of the joy and beauty of your wedding?  Would having a custom designed album to tell your wedding day story be something you would always treasure?  These are important things to consider when hiring your photographer.  Ask to see examples of your photographer's products.  Look through their albums.  Feel the materials they use.  Look at their layouts.  See examples of their guest books.  View a gallery display."

"We live in a digital age and receiving the high resolution images on a disk, drive, or by download is common practice.  This is wonderful to have a back up of your images, but images on a disk in your desk drawer are easily forgotten.  Having something in your house, something that is beautiful and of the highest quality to represent one of the most important days of your life, is something you will treasure.  Guest books create an a wonderful heirloom, filled with warm wishes from your friends and family.  Albums tell your story in a way a disk full of images never can.  They bring it to life, like the fairy tale that it is.  Gallery wraps turn your portraits into art to display in your home for all to see and as a daily reminder of the joy of your wedding day and love you share. 

You invest so much time and money into your wedding photography, be sure to think about how you want to display your beautiful portraits and memories."

Geno Photography is available for travel throughout the state. Visit her web site for more information.

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Nicole (The Bellenza Wedding Bistro) said...

Lovely photos! And the design is really pretty :)