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May 31st | Guest Blogger - Engagement Pictures | by Dreamstate Photography

As a wedding planner, we are blessed to work with amazing talent. They make our work look good, our work easier and are great to be with all the way around. One such amazing team is Dreamstate Photography.   When they send us pictures to post, we are giddy with excitement since we know they will be great to share with our viewers.

"we’ve been blessed with an incredibly busy spring this year.  so many of our clients [turned friends] are getting married, having babies, or graduating.  and they all seem to be living life and being awesome.  we are so fortunate to be invited along to witness and photograph their milestones.  this doesn’t leave much time for the blog, though!  but we couldn’t let another day go by without sharing the photographs and film from our recent des moines engagement photography session with mary and ryan.
these two lovebirds had a very clear vision for their photo shoot.  they simply wanted their love to shine through.  nothing too posed.  nothing too styled.  just them being who they are.  together.  in love and having fun.
so that’s exactly how we approached their engagement session. and we couldn’t be happier with all that came next.  enjoy!"

To see more of this fun session, click here.
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