Dessert for Weddings? Absolutely!

Who doesn't like dessert at a wedding?  If you say that you don't I might not believe you since at almost every wedding I have been to, dessert is the most anticipated food experience there is. Why, I have seen guests stay until the cake is cut and served, even if they weren't having a good time! [Sadly, this has happened.] 
But what if you don't like sweets?  I find this to be true of about 1/3 of my clients. One of the couples really doesn't have a sweet tooth and doesn't think that dessert is important, but I always tell them  that at this point, it isn't so much about them, but about their guests and their experiences that they will take away with them at the end of the night. So - serve dessert!

Now, having said all of this, your dessert doesn't have to be cake. Don't get me wrong, Cake is delish and beautiful to photograph, but have you considered the humble pie, a staple from long ago? Or how about a cookie buffet, a brownie bar, a cobbler fest, candy of all types and flavors, and one of my all time favorites - doughnuts. Doughnuts for a wedding dessert?  Absolutely!  Watch your guests line up for their favorites and go back time and time again for this golden ring of sugary, glazed goodness.
Cream filled, frosted, powered, holes or crullers, whatever you call them in whatever way you serve them, a doughnut is a delicious wedding treat that your guests will love!


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