2017 Wedding Trends, Part 1

If you are anything like me, you are probably saying, "Is it November already?? Where did the year go?" Life goes by fast, so we need to capture as much of it as possible. Kind of like weddings; the day goes by very fast, so making the most of each second is important. Predicting wedding trends is also a fast operation. You can think that you have them all nailed down and then up comes the newest and the greatest, so back to the trend board we go.
We are all about the latest and the greatest, but we think that the timeless parts of a wedding never go out of style and some trends are always going to be around.  We have some of our own predictions and would like to share them with you over the next three blogs.

Here are 5 of our favs for timeless trends.......

1. Memories.  Creating memories for your friends and family will always be one of the greatest trends you can pay attention to. Creating a warm and inviting event takes thoughtfulness and a mindful purpose. Making sure that there is good food, easy directions for your guests to follow, a fun atmosphere, good conversation and beautiful things to look at will help with a successful day.


2. Candlelight. Let's face it, candlelight makes everyone look amazing. From a cluster of simple votives to hoards of pillars the more candlelight, the better.  And oh, if you can hang them, we say YES!

3. Beautiful Backdrops.  Having a beautiful and unexpected backdrop at your wedding is always a great way to secure the attention of your guests. Whether you use your ceremony or your reception as your starring attraction, make it reflect your style and make it stunning! 
We are currently crushing over Macramé Backdrops and think that they are growing in popularity. We love how individual they are.
4. Greenery Garlands. This is one of those trends we want to be around for a long, long time. Talk about gorgeous statement pieces. Whether you frame a stairway, window, chair or table, green garlands invite the outdoors in and always bring a refreshing accent to your event.
5. Chandeliers.  A beautiful chandelier never goes out of style. If you are anything like us, the more the better, but one perfect chandie is just as stunning!

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