More Wedding Ideas

I didn't realize what a hit the wedding ideas would be.
Many of you have asked for more, so here are some fun things to do to make your wedding special:

Have a professional cigar roller at your reception. If your venue does not allow smoking, tie on a thank you tag and give out as favors.

Bring in a professional sommelier for the cocktail hour. Hand out wine journals as favors.

Set up an origami artist to teach your guests to make paper cranes. It is said that 1,001 cranes at a wedding is very good luck.

Want to bring pizzazz to your reception dance? Ask a professional dance team to teach your guests the rumba or the cha-cha.

For the ultimate “wow” factor, finish your reception celebration with a fireworks display.

Hire a trick bartender for the cocktail hour or during the reception late hour.

Hire a silhouette artist to create take-home favors of each of your guests.

Have a Photo Booth at your reception. Have the booth attendant make two copies, one as a take-home favor and the other photo copy to paste in a scrapbook for you.

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