The cost of doing business

If a business owner wants to become successful, you have to develop business relationships. I have found that while there is enough wedding business to go around, apparently some business owners disagree and become greedy in their endeavors. You know how it goes: someone wants more than a fair share of the pie and instead of sharing so everyone can enjoy the taste, one person decides that they want to eat the entire thing. The only problem with that is that the one that usually eats the entire thing ends up getting sick and decides that they don't want to eat that type of pie ever again! Okay, so this is a rough analogy, but I think that you get the picture.

Being a fair and professional business takes a lot of character. It is precisely those types of businesses that you want to deal with for your wedding. Take, for instance, the business that owes me money from a court ruling last last year. I tried to play fair, tried to settle more than fairly and I still got stiffed even though the judge ruled TWICE that they were wrong in their dealings and need to pay up. I haven't seen any money yet. To top it all off, I came across the owner today and she was blatantly ridiculous about the entire affair. Lesson learned? Always read the fine print, deal with reputable companies and get referrals from trusted friends, family and co-workers. But most of all, don't be afraid to stand up to what you know is right.

Too many times we let the wrong prevail because we don't want the hassle, or to deal with the repercussions, or are afraid of what people will say about us. So many wedding couples settle for far less than what they wanted, have to put up with less than professional services and cope with unfair practices. Since when does a signed contract mean nothing? It used to be that a handshake was enough to seal the deal. When will we return to the days when a man's word is enough to know that the service will be performed and the job will be finished as agreed to?


myphotog12 said...

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure that I would enjoy my wedding planner to be quite so negative about personal matters. Sometimes you don't like the other people in your profession, but bad-mouthing them - even though no names were mentioned - is unprofessional in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

She's not being negative. She's upset, and I assume, justifiably so. A judge ruled twice that the other person in her profession she is "bad mouthing" was in the wrong. I think that when a business not only breaks the law, but refuses to make amends, it makes perfect sense for other businesses to shed a negative light on their dealings with them.