Overheard and sad

These are actual conversations that I have had at weddings. They really make one think about what is actually taking place.

1. A bride getting ready to put on her dress: "I can't wait to get drunk tonight at the reception!"

2. A bride while getting her hair done: "I had such a great time with Chad last night at the bachelorette party! He is such a great lover!" Her fiance's name is Robert and no, Chad is not his middle name or nickname!!!!

3. A groom after the cake cutting: "My God, can't we hurry this reception along? I would rather watch the game!"

4. A MOB during dinner at the reception: "Joseph (the new son in law) is so stupid. I don't understand what my daughter sees him in. I hope this marriage doesn't last and she comes to her senses!"

5. A bride after the flower toss: " I wish I would have thrown it harder so that it would have hit her in the face. I wish she wasn't even here!" ---she was talking about her new husband's sister.

6. One of the saddest came from a bride just getting ready to walk up the aisle: "I am going to get so drunk tonight that I hope I pass out. At least that will be a great excuse not to have sex with him!"

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Jennyvi Dizon said...

As a wedding gown designer and happily married these comments sadden me as well. I found your blog by accident while I was searching for bridal shows open to bridal buyers. I've enjoyed reading your blog. : )

And if you knew of any bridal shows open to buyers only, if you could let me know.

I am expanding my line nationwide.