Communication is so important when planning a wedding.
Couples will want to make sure that whatever vendors they choose, they feel comfortable with the dialogue between them at all times. In fact, successful weddings are built around effective communication between venue and vendors, family and friends. When planning your wedding, remember these key elements:

1. Speak clearly and concise. Ask for what you want and do it in a firm, but gentle manner. "How can I be firm yet gentle?" Just remember your grandmother; she always seemed to get her point across with a certain look while holding out a warm chocolate chip cookie .

2. Make a list of key points that you want to cover when visiting with a vendor. It is always a good idea to write down those questions that you think of during the times when you are not together. When you visit with that particular vendor again, your questions will be at the ready and you won't have to call them up ten times a week because you have "one more question" to ask. They will appreciate your input and respect for their time.

3. When you don't seem to be getting your ideas across to a particular vendor, don't be afraid to speak up. Maybe they just didn't catch a concept or see your vision quite like you do. Say what you mean in a different way and then see what happens. If you still feel frustrated by the lack of cooperation or understanding, then move on. Some vendors don't always jive with your personality or style. That is okay, but know when to push and when to back away.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. It works in all areas of your life and never more so then when planning one of the most important events of your life---your wedding!

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