Making me cry

I have to admit that it is a little difficult for me to attend another person's wedding if I am not the planner or at least helping. I squirm in my seat, cringe when I see every faux pas, and literally want to cry when I see the mother of the bride so busy that she can't even enjoy her own daughter's wedding.

I attended one such wedding not long ago. This bride assured me she had everything under control--right down to the very last detail; I was to sit down and enjoy myself. Not so; it was a disaster from the get-go!

The florist was late, the caterer brought the wrong food. The flower girl refused to go down the aisle and the bride became so upset that she yelled at everyone including her husband to be. The MOB was in tears during the entire event and the groom looked like he wanted to be anywhere but at his own reception.
The bride and the groom barely spoke to each other during the evening, the food was served cold and the DJ was as obnoxious as an earlier mentioned one last summer.

No detail was fixed and the whole event should never have happened. They spent $22,000 on a disaster. OUCH! I did what I knew what would happen--I cried.

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