Sitting Pretty

Brides and Grooms, why are you neglecting a very important piece of your reception---your head table? When visiting with couples about their reception decorating needs and I ask about their thoughts for their head table, this is what I get:
"It will be a long banquet style with a lighted backdrop behind it on risers. We will have vases for our bouquets as the decorationsm but the venue told us that we don't need anything else."

Why? This is YOUR wedding, your day to shine; why don't you want to give your head table impeccable attention to detail and make it the most beautiful table at your reception? After all, you are the guests of honor!
Give your attendant's something to look at and talk about. It is fine to have your bouquets on the table as decorations, but instead of them being the ONLY decorations, incorporate them into the whole tablescape, building a theme and focal point so that your head table is the table that your guests will talk about for a long time coming. After all, it will be in the middle of the room, next to the dance floor, surrounded by friends and family that you love; that you have invited to help you share your special day. Why are you up on a "pedestal" separating yourselves, unapproachable?

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