Why are you settling?

Why do couples settle for less than perfect at their weddings?
This question has plagued me for years. Here is a chance for a newly engaged couple to make a difference in their guest's lives, show their love and style for each other, family and friends; one shot, one day, one budget. Why blow it on stretch hummers, keg beer and dried out chicken and green beans?

Where is the creativity that makes you stand apart form every other couple getting married? Do you dress like everyone else in the office? Talk like them, eat the same food, and even decorate your house the same? Then why is your wedding like the one the weekend before? "Put the cake here, the dance floor goes here, sit on risers with the lighted backdrop, serve a buffet," rote, rote, rote. Shame on you! Save your money and go to Las Vegas. At least I can wager that the couple that went before you didn't walk the same way you did down the Elvis-flagged aisle!

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