Flowers and your wedding

If you are a bride looking for flowers, you know how expensive they can be. A bouquet alone can run you $125.00 -$500 depending on what style, colors and flower types you ask for. Does it really cost that much to throw some flowers together, wrap it up with a ribbon and cut the ends off even? Sad to say, in some cases, yes! Flowers, even wholesale, can be very expensive. Some orchids are $50 a bloom while even hydrangeas, fluffy and gorgeous, can be upwards of $15 a stem. This gets pretty pricey when you place many of them together with roses, peonies, etc.
As to the labor, well....we florists walk a very fine line there. We really can't charge for our labor, but we do have to figure in overhead costs, materials and delivery. Gas is not the same price as it was 3 years ago. Then there is the help that we have to pay to help us arrange your flowers within hours of your event so that they arrive impeccably fresh and beautiful looking.
So, there you have it. Next time a florist hands you a pricing sheet, take a minute a catch your breath and then think about the costs involved for what you are asking for. Maybe the bill isn't quite so high as you originally thought.

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