Unique Wedding Locations

There are many ways to show your love for each other and your guests. Hosting a unique wedding in an unusual location is one way to bring individuality to your special day.
I had one bride literally mow a place for her wedding in a wild flower field that her friends had planted a few years previously. They gave her permission to mow a small strip and we held the wedding in the open with the birds for witness and the flowers as adornment. It was beautiful!
Another wedding took place on a diving platform in the middle of a lake. The witnesses stood on the lake side and watched while the groom and his bride and the minister paddled out to the platform to conduct the service. No one fell in and the service was uniquely their own.
How about on top of a mountain? I had one bride and groom, their pastor and two attendants hike to the top of a large mountain in Colorado to say their vows. Talk about promising before God and country---It was as bold as bold could be. Again, unique to them. They still celebrate each wedding anniversary by hiking up the mountain to renew their love for each other.
I would love to hear your unique wedding story and place.

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