Trimming the budget

Here are a few great ways to trim your wedding budget so that you can put your dollars to work where they will really matter.

1. Host only what you can afford for alcohol and have the venue charge you per head, NOT per drink!
2. Skip the Hummer limousine and take your car instead.
3. Skip the pony keg for the trolley, the champagne in the limousine, and the bar hopping before the reception---focus on your guests and the reason that they are waiting for you to arrive!
4. Forget the favors. The only ones who really benefit from these are the janitors who sweep up at night. Giving your guests good food, good entertainment and thanking them for coming is all the memory they will need to speak fondly of your event.
5. Skip the candy buffet. The only real sweet that people need at your reception is your wedding cake.
6. Don't buy the plastic vials of bubbles, confetti, or ringing bells. They are cute, but not necessary. Again, the janitors are reaping the benefits.
7. Don't let your venue charge you for unneccessary items---read the fine print and question everything! Remember---you are writing the checks; that puts you in charge!

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