The Perfect wedding, part 4

You have a budget and a plan; now you are ready to start looking for vendors and contracting for services and products. Where do you start?

Make a list of all the vendors and services you will need:

DJ and/or Band

Cake designer




The list can be as long or as short as needed. I always tell my clients that they should interview in groups of three. Take the time to make appointments, sample their ware, ask lots of questions, and compare pricing, service, quality, and client detail. Ask friends and co-workers for recommendations, attend bridal shows, be savvy and alert. Your wedding event is not a time to book a vendor over the phone.

When you go for interviews, take a list of questions with you. In heat of the moment, you may forget to ask an important question that may make all the difference in the world about your opinion of this particular vendor.

How do they treat you during the meeting? With kindness and respect, or with an I-don't-care type of attitude? Whenever I am meeting with a vendor for the first time, I really pay particular attention to the way they speak to me and treat me. If they don't have professional courtesy and sincerity in their voice and actions, I can't knowingly recommend them to a client.

Remember that you are the one holding the check book, so if a vendor doesn't care about your business, someone else will!

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