The Perfect Wedding, Step 3

So far, we have a plan, a budget and priorities. The next step to ensure a perfect occasion is to set the goals and divy up the responsibilities.
This is a good time to set down all people who are contributing to the wedding event and talk. Who is paying for what? Who is doing what? When and how?
Every great event has a plan and a timeline. We find competent people to help us and off we go to create the perfect event. The same is true for a wedding.

Remember from the first step, that a wedding is a lot of money, so leaving even the smallest of details to chance is foolish. Having a plan and goals are a smart use of your time and energy. It makes the task that much easier when everyone knows their responsibilities.

For instance, if you have a wedding for 400 people, should the burden of the wedding fall on one person's shoulders? Absolutely not--that would be ridiculous since there is a merging of two families, two families should be equally shouldering the burden. This can be a combination of money, time and talent, but the saying that "It takes a village....." it quite true in the case of a wedding. I am a planner and have been doing this for over 30 years and not even I would take on the task of so many guests at one time in one place without pulling in some trusted help.

Yet, I have seen-time after time-the burden of the wedding falling mainly on the shoulders of one person. Usually it is the bride or the mother of the bride while other family members (from both sides of the fence) look on and wait quietly for the fall of the event. Why does this happen? I really don't have the answer for that, but I do know this---the more that two families work together to send off their children into the world of marriage and life, the more successful that marriage will be. The world is tough enough without have to combat members from our own family!

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