A sign of the times?

Is it a sign of the times to see complacent brides and vendors that are not trustworthy? Is it just me, or are we seeing more and more "Okay, whatever" types of weddings; brides, grooms and families seem to settle for what they are given and not really what they want? Whatever happened to stand up and be counted? Since they are writing the check, shouldn't they have the final say?

I know that I am seeing more and more vendors giving less, having less than caring attitudes and more devious practices. I have had 5 brides call me in the last few weeks about unfair boutique behaviors. I have had 10 complaints about obnoxious DJ's and 17 brides complained about florists and decorators. All of this in a 4 month period! I would hate to hear what is being said that I don't have counted! (I always pray that I am not in the tally!)

Now, I realize that I only hear one side of the story and every story has two sides, two points of views, but when I witness them first hand, or do the investigating and find out they they are telling me the truth about these bad service providers, I have to wonder, why isn't someone changing the behavior?

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