Camera phones at weddings

Technology and advancements are usually a good thing. Having the latest and greatest gadgets are the norm rather than a novelty anymore and learning how to be good stewards of them should be part of the package, but as is so many things in our culture today, people need to be reminded of good manners in social settings.

Taking pictures of the bride walking up the aisle with your camera phone is in bad taste, no matter how beautiful she is. The wedding couple has hired a professional photographer, please let him or her do their job. They shouldn't have to fight over zealous guests for a good shot of the wedding couple. They shouldn't have to stand in line while guests jockey for the best position to take a picture with their new Blackberry.

Have a little common sense, please. If the wedding couple asks you to take some candid shots, great--have fun but be respectful. I have seen more than my fair share of "candids" that are in extremely poor taste and all because the guest thought it was "cute!" It isn't. Remember what you have been invited to---a wedding. Treat it with the respect that it deserves.

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