The Dollar Dance

I am often amazed by brides who insist on a Dollar Dance at their weddings. For those of you who aren't familiar with this bit of "tradition," it consists of people paying for the privilege to dance with you at your own wedding. If they aren't literally pinning on a dollar, your MOH is usually beside you taking the money.

Why on earth would you want your guests to pay for dancing with you at your own wedding; the party that YOU invited them to attend? You might as well charge admission at the reception door! I have never understood this type of behavior and try to discourage it whenever I can. You should be honored and thrilled to dance with your guests; not asking them to pay for this time with you. What is the difference between this practice and the dance partner that men have to pay for? The location? The wedding invitation? The dress?

Brides, please make your guests feel welcomed at your wedding; give them good food, good music, your thankfulness and your gracious spirit, but please don't make them pay for the privilege of celebrating with you!

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