The final countdown

Going from Engaged to Being Married takes some planning, thoughtful reflections, much shopping, and lots of patience. Spending the last week of your engagement exhausted and yelling at each other isn't the way to happily wedded bliss.

Organization, teamwork, balance and perspective are the keys to loving the wedding planning process. Planning your wedding should be an adventure in teamwork with your fiance. If you can't plan a wedding together without fighting, yelling, huge disagreements and name-calling, how do you think that working in a marriage together for the rest of your lives is going to be any easier?

"She was too organized" has never been written on anyone's epitaph, so write down your ideas and plans, keep receipts, and follow up with vendors for a successful event. It only takes a few minutes every week to stay organized.

Keeping perspective and balance is a must for a healthy lifestyle--the same goes for wedding planning. Don't worry about what you have no control over. Hire the best professionals you can, do the due diligence, and then sit back and go with the flow. Relax and enjoy what you have planned. Life is way too short to get bent out of shape over the wrong shade of green in the hydrangeas.

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