Addressing the invitations

I receive a lot of questions about addressing the invitations and the correct wording to use. Here is a primer:

If you have an outer and an inner envelope, remember that the inner envelope shows only the guests' first names and only the people who you are inviting. If you are inviting an entire family, then each person's name of that family should be written on the inside envelope; the outer envelope can read Mr. and Mrs. ..... and family. If you do not want to invite children to your wedding, then omit their names from the inner envelope and do not address the outer to include "and family."

Single people should have -- "and guest" included on the outside envelope and the name of their guest listed on the inside if you can obtain this information; if not, "and guest" will be sufficient. If a single person has been going steady with someone for more than 6 months or is in a committed relationship or they are living together, then the "guest's" first name should be included in the inner envelope and well as acknowledged on the outer envelope as well. (example--
Pat Stopple and Jack Field.

If there is only one envelope, then only the names of the people invited are included. Do not address "and family" if you do not want children to attend your wedding. Please note that if you are having a ring bearer or flower girl, then you will need to invite other's children as well. If they come to the wedding and see children, they will wonder why theirs was not invited and hurt feelings form. This is the very thing you do not want to happen at your celebration.

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requeless2 said...

envelope address for party invitations. Is it correct to address it: To My Uncle John and family. When the uncle has a wife for more than 30 years. This offends me and I was wondering if I am just to sensative.