Relative's Invitation, part 2

I attended a 35th Wedding Anniversary gathering yesterday. It was a lovely affair with a beautiful outpouring of community spirit in the attendance. Old and new neighbors from far and home came to congratulate this couple with well wishes. It was a grand affair with a lot of catching up from friends and family members.
One of the people that attended happens to know the couple that sent me the recent wedding invitation. I mentioned to them that I wouldn't be attending the wedding. "Oh, they didn't expect you to actually come, just send a gift. You did receive the registry information, didn't you?"
I guess my feelings weren't too far off the mark. People, by and large aren't that much different from one another. If I am thinking the thoughts about the rude wedding invitation, then I am sure there are many more that are thinking the same thing. Couples, please think about your guests when wording your invitations. Think of how things are worded and how it comes across. Your wedding may reflect your style and tastes, but good etiquette crosses social boundaries no matter where you are.

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