My own relatives!

Yesterday, I received a wedding invitation in the mail. It was homemade--nothing wrong with that--with a vellum cover, a picture of the couple with the words to a verse cut off at the side and bottom and then a piece of blue construction paper with the announcement pasted on top of that paper, all tied up with a thin blue ribbon. Simple and effective.
Next came a white piece of paper with a map to the reception on it, only the map was cut off at the bottom. Stapled to this paper was a cut off small paper that is supposed to be the RSVP to which another small badly cut piece of paper was attached that told of where the bride and groom were registered:

Couple is registered primarily at Bed, Bath & Beyond but also at Target and JC Penny (their spelling-not mine!).

There was a small cream colored envelope inserted for the RSVP sans a stamp, but it was addressed.

Most of you who are regular readers of this blog know where I stand on this invitation even without me saying a word. For those of you who don't, I will keep it short and sweet: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put any kind of gift registry on your announcement, on your RSVP cards, or included anywhere in the wedding invitation. N_E_V_E_R!

Always stamp your RSVP cards as a courtesy to your guests and please try to at least color match your papers so that your guests have an idea that this is a wedding and not a back yard come-as-you-are event. Your wedding invitation is your guests' first idea of what type of event they are invited to. To be quite honest, I don't know how to react to this; do I dress up or casual?

Here's the rough part, it is a relative's wedding Ouch! I haven't seen this particular relative for years, don't really know anything about them and they live in another state. Why are they really sending me a wedding invitation?
Could it have to do with the stapled piece of paper with the registry info on it?

I think I prefer the honest route: "We haven't met before, but we are getting married and since we thought you were a relative, we would send you an invitation to be nice, however, since you live in a different state hours away, just send us a gift---here's where you can find that gift."

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