The romance of weddings

This past weekend I was in Waverly, overseeing an absolutely beautiful wedding for the Chairman of the Wartburg College's daughter. She is a lovely person as is her family.
I learned something this weekend (as I do at every wedding), class is as class does.

The entire wedding revolved around how to make each and every guest comfortable, have a good time, and stay to celebrate. It was a perfect example of people willing to go the extra mile for their guests.

Here is an example---there were only wall mounted hand dryers in the women's restroom at the reception venue. Instead of being satisfied with that, my bride and her mother purchased soft, generous paper hand towels for both bathrooms for the comfort of their guests. There were no fancy monograms, no blatant advertising logos, just comfort and elegance.

How could something so simple make such an impact? One comment overhead in the Ladies room went like this: "Oh, such a thoughtful gesture! Don't you think that Claire and her mother are beautiful people?"

Wouldn't you love for your guests to remember you like this?

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