Great photos

Great photos start with a great photographer - we all know that.  But there are some things that we can help our photographer with as you get your bridal party together to snap those memories.  These helpful hints come from Tracy Carolyn, a Denver-based wedding photographer.

1.  Try natural light.  Most indoor lighting adds a green or yellow tinge to the photo.  For the most accurate representation of the fabric color, use natural sunlight.  Try photographing near a window if you cannot go outside.  The light will fall softly on your dress from the side and accent its shape.

2.  Create an S - curve.  Have your bridesmaids shift their shoulders to one side and hips to the other, softly curving through the waist and creating a gentle S - curve in the body.  This is the most flattering way to photograph woman and will best show off the drape of the dresses.

3.  Shoot at an angle.  A straight on shot of the bridal party downplays any dimension and makes things look a bit flat.  It also makes things appear a bit wider (not something we woman want!).  Have everyone turn to a slight angle for a more flattering photo.

4.  Pay attention to detail.  Take an extra minute or so to fluff the train, fix a crooked tie, re-pin a flower, or position a bouquet.  Your photos will thank you for the details!

5.  Mix it up.  Have each person pose slightly different or an different angles to let each person stand out and create uniqueness within your photograph.

6.  Watch the hands.  Oddly placed hands often make an image look strange.  I refer you item #4.

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