Clay County Regional Center

We would like to welcome our newest Premier Vendor:  The Clay County Regional Events Center.  I traveled to Spencer last week to see this space and fell in love!  The room was actually designed with events/weddings in mind!  It is wonderful with lots of space, neutral, elegant decor and staff that really understands what an event is all about.  We also met the chef and even though we did not get to sample his work, we have heard nothing but good things about the cuisine. 
Here are some pictures that they sent so that you can see for yourself what a great space this is for your own dream day!


More Wedding Notes.....

Making sure that your venue fits your wedding theme is very important.  It is easier on your budget when you don't have to "cover up" things at a venue that you wish were not there as opposed to working with a venue's assets.

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Anonymous said...

We had a nice time visiting with Cynthia! We hope to work with her in the near future!