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Whenever I tell a bride to do a "Trash the Dress Session," her first response is a horror stricken look. "Why would I want to Trash my dress!!!"  Well, you don't really "Trash" your dress, you are only taking pictures that you wouldn't normally take on your wedding day because of time constraints, make-up, weather, guests, etc.
These pictures are uniquely your own, can be extremely romantic or ubber modern and chic; the choice is up to you and your photographer. 
Of course, a good cleaners will get your dress cleaned and preserved for you [ask me for recommendations], so you really have no excuse not to get in more wedding pictures.

Carrie from Geno Photography loves to do Trash the Dress sessions with her brides.   When bride Jessica and Carrie decided on a photo day, little did they know that the weather would turn extremely hot, but this did not discourage the bride as you can tell from her photos.  They are beautiful!   They started at the Ped Mall in Iowa City, a charming block of brick, architecture and character, then they moved to a delightful section of railroad tracks and finally ended up at the Coralville Lake.  Love, Love the pictures of the lake shots!   These would definitely end up on my wall if I were the bride in these photographs.  The brick wall and stair step black and white is perfection!

To see more of Carrie's Trash the Dress Sessions.....

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