Wedding Inspirations | Jeweled, Jewels, and Sparkles

I love bling!  The more bling the better for weddings, so when jewels are in fashion, I have all sorts of fun keeping tabs, especially when adding them to your dress.  Here are some favorites for your own wedding inspiration....

Jeweled Necklines 

Don't forget your maids, too!

All images courtesy of The Knot

Notes about Jeweled Accessories.....

Remember when choosing Accessories for your wedding day to keep your wedding dress style in mind.  If your dress is ornate and overly fussy, keep your accessories simple so as not to detract from your dress.  If your dress is simple, then your accessories can shine and compliment the overall style of your dress.  Above all, have fun and choose what your heart desires.  After all, it is your wedding day!

Bling doesn't have to be just reserved for fashion.  Your Reception Decor can have jewels, bling, sparkle and shine just as well as other items that can be added to your wedding.

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