Wedding Inspirations | DIY Chalk Boards

How can something so simple make such a fun impact on your event?  Today's DIY project is so simple, yet such a great addition to your Wedding Day, that we bet you won't stop at just one of these helpers.

We have had such a run on these fun chalk boards and the uses go on and on. Writing up your menus to let your guests what delicious foods they will be eating.  Shuttle times for those who have opted not to drive themselves.  Bar menu - let your guests know what is hosted and what your signature drink is made with.   They can sub as Welcome Boards, Escort Cards, Photo Booth announcements, fun sayings, or a simple thank you at the end of the night.   Who knew that a child's staple would play  so many important parts in your Wedding?

Want to make your own chalk board wonders?  Click here for the instructions.

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