DIY Projects | Paper Flower Backdrop

We love this paper flower backdrop tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes! You could use this backdrop for a wedding ceremony, cake table or guest book table. Use colored paper or wrapping paper to spice things up or use the tutorial to make a flower garland like this one here.

• large sheets of butcher paper to make larger flowers
• sharpie or pencil
• scissors
• glue gun
Step 1: Starting from the outside draw a spiral on your butcher paper. Make the outer rings narrow and widen them as you move closer to the center.
Step 2 & 3: Cut out your spiral shape starting from the outside.
Step 4: Curl your spiral shape into itself. Start with the outside end and continue to curl until you reach what was once the center of your spiral.
Step 5: Let your flower unravel into itself a bit. Do not let go while it unravels! You want a flower that is a bit loose.
Step 6: Add a bit of glue to what was once the center of your flower.


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