Musical Weddings

As humans, we have marvelous senses - Sight, Smell, Touch, Feel and Sound.  These are all the feelings that we want to engage during a wedding.  The more senses that you include, the more involved and vested your guests will be in your event and the more that they are a part of the day, the more memories they will make.

One of those wonderful senses is the gift of sound.  This should never be taken for granted at a wedding.  Greeting your guests with beautiful music starts your event on a perfect note; then there is music to watch your attendants walk down the aisle to, music for a grand Bridal Entrance, a soothing, quiet background melody during the social hour, jazzy sounds for the dinner hour and then all-out party tunes for dancing.  All of this makes for a complete and memorable event.

All of us can bring to mind certain melodies that take us back to our childhood, elicit emotional feelings of love or just simply make us mellow and relax. These are all important to feel during a wedding.

Choose your musicians carefully and visit with them often about what you do and don't want to hear on your day. Listen to tunes on the Internet, your MP3 player, You Tube and more. Ask your friends and family their favorite tunes, then devise a play list that embodies the passion and love of the day.

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”   ― Victor Hugo

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