Finding your Wedding Inspiration - Your way

We are often asked in the office .....
"What inspires you?" 
"Where do you find your inspiration with so many weddings?" 
"How do I decide on colors or a 'theme' for our event?"
"Where do I begin to decide on a 'feel' for our day?"

To find our inspiration, we spend countless of hours pouring over the latest weddings through books, magazines, emails, Blogs, Pinterest, Intagram, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Networks. Of course, we would not expect everyone to do this much homework for their own wedding celebration [yes, we spend literally hours a day]!  Deciding on inspiring ideas for your event can be as easy as looking in your closet to see what colors and textures you love to wear; your favorite restaurant foods, movies that make you cry or laugh; everyday activities that are a part of who you are, or travel memories that stay in your heart and shape the person that you have become.

Inspiration should move you to feel new things, remember time honored traditions, evoke emotions of tears, deep heart-felt laughter, beautiful love, textures to touch, memories to remember for a lifetime.  Your guests will love your event because of the two people that are sharing their lives, not because you chose one color palette over another.

Carry a notebook with you and a camera for those times when you see something that evokes a pleasant emotion. a new color that you absolutely love, a new food that you can't wait to share with your friends, the way a restaurant program is laid out, a picture in a museum that moves you, etc. Make a mood board of your findings with pictures, clippings, fabrics swatches, anything that you love.   All of this contributes to a beautiful event that expresses the two of you with all the people that you love. 

This is the inspiration that weddings are made from.


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