DIY Projects | Wax Paper Backdrop

Don't let the wax paper in the title fool you - this DIY backdrop from Style Me Pretty is drop dead gorgeous! It's light, and airy and utterly romantic and we are just smitten! We love that SMP featured the pretty, romantic backdrop in an industrial setting but think this would look absolutely stunning hanging from a tree or an arbor during your wedding ceremony. 


10+ yards of ribbon 
size 10 crochet string
tapestry needle 
1/2 boxes of interfolded waxed deli sheets
match stick


Step 1
Fold waxed paper sheet in half to form a square and cut out circle shape.

Step 2
Cut circle in half and set aside. Cut crochet string to desired length and tie a slip knot on one end.

Step 3
Fold half-circle into cone shape by turning the corners in towards each other so that they overlap. Secure cone shape by stitching in and out of where the paper overlaps.



Unknown said...

I wish you would include the full set of instructions. The pictures are not helpful to me at all.

Unknown said...

There aren't any instructions. The original post only has pictures too. So whoever posted this tutorial is just guessing...

Weddings in Iowa said...

Here is the URL address to the full set of instructions as posted by Style Me Pretty: