Changes can equal great things!

I am sure that you have noticed the lack of postings lately.  We apologize for the bare spots and ask you to bear with us as we are in the middle of some great company changes. 
This past year was one of our largest years ever as well as our most challenging year.  [It is probably never a good idea to start 3 new businesses in less than 9 months!] Where some people see a lack of services, we have always looked at the glass half full and pulled up the bootstraps to "get to work!"  Thus, the three new services that our company now offers.  However, as it is in the entrepreneurial world, new work can pull you in many directions, so while we have been playing catch up this fall, as the colder weather starts to set in we can now tackle those new web sites, blog changes, updates and letting you, our trusted friends, know that we will be entering 2014 with more ideas, great services and a promise to attention to suburb client service.
We know that the wait will be worth it as we introduce new writers, more material for your inspiration and lots of new ideas. We want to stay ahead of the trends and maybe set a few of them ourselves! In the meantime, remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Need something to do this weekend?  Want to meet the gang in person?  Come visit us at Honey Creek Resort State Park this Sunday for a delicious cupcake, popcorn buffet and a glass of apple cider.  Talk wedding "stuff" and pick our brains for your own beautiful event style.  We have lots of ideas to share and would love hearing about your wedding plans.


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