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Dec 23 | Christmas Week | by Cynthia

As you have guessed, we are excited around the office this week - Christmas Week!
We wait all year for this wonderful time of the year.  Wrapping gifts, spending time with friends and family, sipping hot chocolate by the fire, the sights, the decorations, the sounds and more.  We have a lot to celebrate!

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Congratulations to our 2014 Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration Board winner!  
Not only did our participant give us dazzling inspiration, but she also took her board one step further and created an entire Pinterest page giving us multiple photos of ideas.  Thank you, Jalesa for your submission! Enjoy your cosmetic bag filled with beauty samples and a $400.00 Wedding Planning Package from Special Events, LLC!
See her Pinterest Board here.
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We have been invited to participate in the Blank Park Zoo's Bridal Sneak Peak on February 28, 2014. We are excited to be a part of their first Bridal Peak since they have renovated their wedding spaces.  Mark your calendars and come see the gang from Special Events, LLC and Vintage Love, Rentals and annessi.  
Register at or call 515-974-2506 for any questions.
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Our World Food Prize Bride shared more pictures of her gorgeous wedding with us recently and we cannot wait to share these with you. Watch for her amazing wedding to post soon!  Here is a teaser......
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We want to wish you all a Wonderful Christmas Week!  We know that you will undoubtedly be busy with last minute holiday frolics, but we would like to encourage you to stop for just a few minutes and remember the Reason for the season as this photo from one of our favorite photographers, Brian L Garman, does just that: a peaceful, reflective time of love and gratitude with countless blessings.
Love and Hugs!

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