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Jan 20 | Alyssa & Matt Daugs at Camp St. Croix | by Cynthia

Oh yes, it is true, we love wedding pictures. Couples in love always get our hearts to pitter patter a little more and keep us in the romantic mood for what we do.  So when Kara Vorwald sent us a recent shooting, we were giddy with excitement in sharing with you her marvelous work. The butterfly on the bouquet is so sweet; we are definitely in awe!

Alyssa & Matt were a great couple to work with and their wedding was lovely. I feel like I say this at every wedding I work but it was so much fun.

When I first got to the venue and began shooting  we noticed that a butterfly had randomly set on the bride's bouquet. It was so beautiful and literally sat there the whole day!

The day of the wedding had also called for rain and we had been planning on an outdoor ceremony. Literally minutes before the ceremony began the sun peaked out of the clouds and provided the most beautiful lighting. It was a lovely fall wedding.

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